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Seasonal Showroom

Galerie Joseph Turenne
116 Rue de Turenne
75003 Paris

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Seasonal Showroom

Corso Venezia, 6
20121 Milano

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CTRNE is a new creation of sneakers that help manifest the wearer’s desires. This innovative product aims to combine the functionality of shoes with the power of manifestation to create a unique and impactful experience for customers. The sneakers will utilise various design elements, materials, and technologies to enhance the manifestation process and help individuals achieve their goals.

CTRNE is designed to be comfortable, stylish, and spiritually relevant. We have integrated features such as cushioning for comfort, aromatherapy inserts, positive energy-infused fabrics and also towelling material inside so you can step right in after yoga without socks. Oh, and how could we forget, each shoe has a special component made especially for CTRNE sneakers, with an ethically sourced Citrine crystal inside each shoe. To top this off, every pair will smell of our citrus fragrance that will make you feel grounded and close to earth every time you lace up.


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