The East Order

The East Order. Best worn always.

The East Order, designed for the minimalist trend girl. Looking for key pieces that are essential to her everyday style. Looking for a brand that speaks to her. Effortless and cool – A concept that touches all, The East Order creates fresh off-duty classics that celebrate the female form. Each piece is designed to be an individual addition to one’s style, created for one’s own interpretation.

She’s timeless, but on her own time. She’s demanding with what she buys — clever pieces that last. She knows that quality doesn’t have to cost the earth, and she sticks to brands that know it.

She is confident in what she wants. She mixes and matches high and low, vintage and new. Whatever suits. She’s looking for something real: a brand that gets it. Sexy, uncomplicated and nonchalant. She demands authenticity and knows it when she sees it. The East Order doesn’t pretend to have everything she needs; they’re pieces that add to her wardrobe of vintage and one-off finds.

The team behind The East Order hails from Australia’s most easterly point of Byron Bay, a place where forward-thinking people gather. The understated yet memorable styles they design work best with vintage finds from local markets and op-shops, in feminine shapes and cuts that are timeless yet amatory.

The #OurOrder collective is a network of muses, creators and influencers. The East Order is about all they have in common, besides being as independent and idiosyncratic as their idols.

The East Order is more than feminine, wearable pieces — it’s a movement.


Kate Wilson
[email protected]