Tela 9

The brand name TELA originates from the fabric weaving terminology, where TELA (in Italian) stands for a simple fabric construction, which though simple implies a texture. TELA in the Italian language is a feminine noun and femininity is also the brand mission: feminine and minimal at first sight, yet informed by a careful research.

A plain woven fabric, a TELA, is the same front and back: it has always the same aspect, it shows itself as it is and it makes you think of a genuine product, which originates from good taste rather than being thought – thru and conceptual.

TELA in Italian means also the painting canvas, and as such offers itself to the revelation and expression of a mood, of a feeling, of an art.

In the tailors’ jargon the word TELA is used to mean the first prototype, by which you get a first impression of what the final garment may look like. The concept of TELA carries intrinsically an idea of versatility, being a material which can be, dyed, printed, washed, ripped, ironed etc…

TELA is also equivalent to a new project, as a first concept to a book writer, as the white canvas could be for a painter. All this does not imply that the project is anonymous or generic, quite the opposite, it expresses its potentiality.

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