Snow Peak

The Headquarter of Snow Peak Inc. locates at the slightly elevated hill zone in Sanjo-shi, which is at the center of Niigata Prefecture, JAPAN. This headquarter includes office, direct retail store with full range of our products, and campground in the vast site of 165,000㎡(Approximately). Under the policy that “we are also users”, we develop high quality and well-designed camping gear, provide services, and suggest the nature-oriented lifestyle through apparel, and urban outdoor business to connect people with the natural world, and the rest of mankind.

Under the concept of ‘Home ↔ Tent’, we design clothing with high functionality and quality, which give you comfortable feeling at both daily and outdoor use. We also suggest natural-oriented lifestyle by promoting clothing and camping gear together. Our clothing will remove the distance between daily life and nature.


Kei Saito
[email protected]