Safe Milano

Safe Milano is a men’s urban-beachwear collection, born in 2015. Strictly made in Italy, it is produced entirely in Tuscany: each piece is made with mostly Italian materials even for the smallest details.

The Safe Milano project is aimed at a refined traveller who cares about quality and has a strong identity.
Our Logo ( an airplane) inspired our division in 3 lines:
– Economy Class,
– Business Class,
– First Class,
Which can dialogue with a large range of public

The identity of Safe Milano is well represented in its name:
– Safe describes the strongest features of the brand, a high quality zipper that closes every pocket, designed to protect the owners’ belongings.

– Milan says a lot about the origin and the class that each of our garments wants to convey. The idea came from two young Milanese entrepreneurs who, not finding on the market the product that could satisfy their needs in terms of comfort, elegance, performance and style decided to invent it, transforming a personal idea into a unique and innovative collection.

Safe Milano is based in Milan and is produced in Florence.

SAFE grows, consolidating its philosophy and unique approach: in a market where cultural roots are often forgotten, we do not seek the exploit of a season, we challenge ourselves to innovate without moving away from our inspiration to Italian classical elegance.

We are constantly engaged in researching with the aim of expanding the choice for our customers, remaining rooted on the solid base of our classic bathing boxer and offering more and more dynamism in prices, materials and models. The conductive threads remain the ZIP and the quality that season by seasons are declined in a wider range of materials, styles, prints and colours.


International Sales:
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Womens RS20:      LDN 28 May – 20 Jun      NYC 3–14 Jun      PAR 23–27 Jun      LAX 29–31 Jul      Mens SS20:      PAR 18–22 Jun      MAR 2–12 Jul      LDN 2–31 Jul      CPH 2–31 Jul      NYC 1 Jul – 2 Aug      Ciff 7–9 Aug      Liberty LAS 12–14 Aug