Noelle Wolf

Founded by philanthropist, producer and former fashion PR Noelle Wolf, the eponymous London-based brand is set to rewrite the modern woman’s relationship with lingerie and active wear. Wolf’s passion for design started as she began to amass a personal collection of new and vintage pieces discovered on trips around the world. Her desire to arm women with something entirely intimate that would inspire and encourage them; as the first thing they put on in the morning, as well as when in the gym or out and about, compelled her to launch the line.

Created in a new era of female empowerment, Noelle Wolf aims to offer a boldly contemporary alternative to both the designer lingerie and activewear markets. Women are now in search of underwear and activewear that is first and foremost designed for them — not conceived under the male gaze.

A new era demands a new approach: intelligently designed for the mind as much as the body, the 80-piece lingerie and 24-piece active collections celebrate the woman who dresses for herself first. The brand’s design signature is contemporary yet timeless, informed by richly diverse influences — from the worlds of art and design, to literature and architecture. Further inspired by a host of iconic women of substance, among them writers, thinkers and artists, the spirit of the brand is considered, confident and at ease.

Lingerie and Active, reimagined, redefined and retold.

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