les girls les boys

les girls les boys celebrates the fluidity of love and friendship, cross cultural mindsets and diverse identities. They are resolutely democratic and self-assured. They encourage all expressions of one’s true self, offering high quality clothing with accessible style and clever design that provide customers with choice – free from social and cultural constraints leading the industry in the newest apparel segment “bed to street and everything in between”

Serena Rees, Founder and Creative Visionary of les girls les boys, hatched the brand by observing the struggle and the challenges of a generation coming-of-age in an ‘always-on’ era. Serena recognized the dramatic shift in behaviors, attitudes and expectations imposed on this generation – telling them how to act and how to exist, rather than giving them the space to be. As she says, “the best they can be is to be themselves.”

With a mission to reset the standard of modern clothing, les girls les boys is about being comfortable in one’s own skin.

They believe in—

• welcoming your true self
• being accessible and authentic
• uncompromising in quality and design

it’s not about I am one, or the other, or maybe in the middle — I just “am”