HVISK is a Danish fashion brand, based in Copenhagen. We specialize in designing playful and colorful bags. At HVISK we are a young team with creative minds, and we are growing rapidly. We are constantly working on how we can be and do better – rethinking our design, optimizing our production and minimizing our impact on the environment. It’s important to us to keep developing new and more conscious ways of working to improve our products and our work in practice.

Our ambition is to design bags that are playful, colorful and unique – made of high-quality materials. Every season we try to renew and challenge ourselves. We introduce new styles, new fabrics and new colors that, combined, tell a story. We get inspired by our vibrant surroundings in Copenhagen, and by other places that reflect the HVISK DNA.

As a fashion brand, we are aware that it is challenging to become 100% sustainable, but we feel that it is our responsibility to do our best to minimize our impact. It is our goal to become the most sustainable fashion brand who specializes in bags.

Our first initiative was to become PETA certified as a vegan brand. We are committed to not using leather materials for our products, as we continue to explore new ways to produce and design. This is already embedded in our core visions and values – and we strive to be transparent and honest in everything we do, to maintain our status as an authentic brand.