The basis of good design and craftsmanship is problem finding and problem solving.

FALKE creates things that answer people’s conscious and unconscious needs, helping to widen the scope of experiencing life, reality and beauty. The aim is not to produce waste but being as accurate as possible in understanding what people want. Looking at global consumer behavior and trends in any product realm, FALKE weaves its seasonal story in interpreting them in its own way.

FALKE has a legacy of quality, honesty and integrity. Quality is the foundation of all our doing and our recipe of success.

Continuing the story of quality that the FALKE family began to tell 120 years ago especially in the field of finest legwear, FALKE apparel of course follows this path, uncompromisingly. Not willing to conform to pressures within the industry by accepting insufficient production environments or poor quality fibres, FALKE chooses all components with great care.

Striving for innovation, FALKE uses materials and techniques in new fields and every detail is developed with ultimate care, dedication and sensibility. That creates the uniqueness of FALKE products.

Sophistication and elegance as well as athleticism and casual chic are FALKE’s designation and the characteristics of the collection.


Men’s Sales:
Moritz Haushofer
[email protected]

Women’s Sales:
Allan Jensen
[email protected]