In a time of abundance, with more questions than answers and more choices than decisions made. ETQ was founded in 2010 as an antidote to this. Driven by a mindset that values the elimination of the unnecessary, the brand strives to focus solely on excellence and superior design. Today, these principles have matured into a carefully selective range of handmade footwear, menswear accessories and the multi-brand store in ETQ’s home city of Amsterdam. Every element is a true representation of what ETQ stands for.

The footwear collection, designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Portugal, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to quality and design, by catering to ETQ’s audience’s desire for exclusivity and timelessness.

Each shoe is crafted using carefully selected materials, such as Napa and Polido leather, and individually finished with a luxurious calfskin lining and durable cup soles. Designs are inspired by the art of minimalism and the philosophy of essentialism. This means every product created by ETQ is designed to be a necessary and timeless part of a contemporary man’s wardrobe.


US Sales:
Steven Wildenberg
[email protected]

International Sales:
Hugo Castermans
[email protected]