With a vogue fascination of anatomy, Cornelia Webb explores the landscape of our bodies with a Scandinavian sense of aesthetic. Since launching in 2005, the Stockholm based jewellery brand has established itself on the international luxury market, creating seductive garments and accessories.

Celebrating the organic elements and the human physique, jewellery is casted of skins and anatomic moulds, highlighting our natural shapes. Cornelia Webb plays with the definition of clothing versus jewellery, and of skin versus metal. Designs that almost merge with the wearer by wrapping around the body. She continues to look at jewellery not only as a way to accessorize an outfit, but also to embellish and highlight the-landscape-of-our-bodies.

Cornelia Webb’s on-going enviro-conscious concept embraces repurposed metals and materials that is one with the earth. Juggling the polarities of primal and polished, blending the old with the new, and pairing futuristic elements with prehistoric energy.

In response to our growing urban existence, Cornelia Webb emphasises craftsmanship and timelessness, carving out a new definition of luxury – refined craft, designed to be treasured.


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