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Galerie Joseph Turenne
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Corso Venezia, 6
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Cin Cin

Born from a decadent European Summer spent abroad, it was only fitting that Louise Lazarus and Geo Moriarty named their shared creative vision after the celebratory Italian toast ‘Cin Cin’ (pronounced Chin Chin).

An ode to the 70’s jet set and a ‘more is more’ aesthetic, the Australian founders began their journey in print design, a process that has become their brand’s signature since its launch in 2019. With each collection, anticipated motifs and ‘troppo-graphic’ prints are released in vivid color swim and resortwear, designed and produced in-house from start to finish.

With travel at the heart of Cin Cin, it was only natural that the female designers found themselves residing in the far away lands of South Africa and the island of Bali. With its lush natural beauty, the ‘Island of Gods’ lay the perfect foundation not only for inspiration but also for turning dreams into wearable pieces for the Cin Cin girl.

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