Champion Reverse Weave

Formed in 1919 as the Knickerbocker Knitting Company by Abe and Bill Fainbloom. The company pioneered the manufacture of heavy duty cotton products, used primarily for warming up and down by athletes who had historically used lightweight day attire for sporting activities.

In the 1940s the company changed its name to Champion Knitting Mills and became market leaders in sporting cotton apparel.

In 1952, they patented their Reverse Weave heavy cotton knitting process, essentially knitting the cotton backwards they found the solution that avoids vertical shrinkage. Which then gave this garment more durability wash after wash, cornering the US sporting market.

Through this sporting association Champion was adopted by many of the US Hip Hop and Rap pioneers through the 80s and was influential in European club culture in the 90s and has remained a staple wardrobe, leading to collaborations with Stussy and most recently Supreme which have reinvigorated the brands premium marketspace.


Global Sales & Men’s International Sales:
Riannon Foster-Orr
[email protected]

Women’s International Sales:
Lizzie Egan
[email protected]

Men’s North America Sales:
Steven Wildenberg
[email protected]

Women’s North America Sales:
Brian Bartiss
[email protected]

Germany Sales:
Khalid Hussen
[email protected]

France Sales:
Laurent Nivet
[email protected]