At Castore, the concept of “Better Never Stops” is in the bloodstream of all we do; in every collection, product and feature we have a singular goal in mind, to maximise the performance of athletes across the globe. Built for those who know no limits, who cannot and will not be stopped and whose dedication and commitment to their craft is unwavering.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an athlete is simply defined as “a person who competes in sport”. Not all athletes perform on a global stage, nor are they adorned in medals, everyday athletes compete against the person who keeps them most accountable, the person in the mirror, the voice in the back of their head.

Castore is built solely for these individuals. Every piece is built for those who believe; in their own ability, determination and goals. Our latest collection, Zenit focuses on the pursuit of marginal gains, giving every Castore customer that competitive advantage with garments crafted from the most light- weight, technically advanced Italian micromesh selected for its outstanding breathability, comfort and adaptability.

As the Castore brand flourishes, we strive to bring the highest quality performance gear to more and more people. This year, you’ll see us explode onto the global sportswear market, with partnerships and sponsorships deals with leading athletes and teams. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our journey and look forward to your continued support and commitment to better never stops.